Balanced Plumbing offers drain cleaning services for any home or business

Our plumbing professionals are available 24/7 to perform routine and emergency drain maintenance, from drain cleaning, drain unclogging and even drain replacement. Our services include, but aren’t limited to, floor drains, downspout drains, storm drains, sewer drains, and more.

If you’ve got questions, or aren’t sure if you need drain cleaning services, just give Balanced Plumbing a call! Our technicians are available to discuss your potential problem with and find the correct course of action!


Over time, your kitchen’s drains will begin to run slowly and potentially clog as food waste, greases, soaps, fats, detergents, and a whole array of other liquids and particles build up inside the pipes from everyday use. Balanced Plumbing has the know-how and the tools necessary to unclog and clean your drain to bring it back to it’s full potential as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our kitchen drain cleaning services include garbage disposals as well! Garbage disposals are a convenience many of us take advantage of for ease of disposing of food scraps. These food scraps, however, can leave particles and slimy residue that leads to less efficiency, clogs, and overall a worse experience. Let our technicians give your garbage disposal a longer, more efficient life.

Let Balanced Plumbing spend their time getting your kitchen drains into tip-top condition so you can spend yours doing what you need to do, and not worrying about your drains.


Showers, tubs, sinks, and toilets—we clean them all! Showers and sinks can suffer from hair and soap buildup which causes clogging, slow draining, and even buildup of bacteria that can lead to a list of health problems. Sinks can also have buildup of makeup and other substances that can lead to a very frustrating morning before work. Let Balanced Plumbing ensure your mornings run smoothly, without water backup or flooding.

Even toilets can suffer from flushable and non-flushable material buildup, and can lead to a potentially dangerous overflow problem if left unchecked. No matter the challenge, Balanced Plumbing have all of the knowledge and equipment necessary to address these clogged drains and can provide expert drain cleaning services.


Basements and utility rooms are some of your house’s most important areas when it comes to your plumbing. We provide a wide range of basement plumbing services, but basement floor drain cleaning is one we see most commonly.

These floor drains are typically to keep excess water from flooding those areas and causing damage. If they’re clogged and not working at 100% efficiency, it’s only a matter of time before your basement or utility room floods and causes a mess, a headache, and a much more costly cleanup.

There’s nothing worse than a clogged drain! Our expert drain cleaning service will open your pipes and get them flowing again. We bring power rodding equipment to service slow or completely clogged drains, clearing obstructions quickly and thoroughly. And we’re careful in how we approach each job so that we don’t cause any damage to your pipes. We identify the problem and act quickly to fix it, being careful to offer you the least cost solution. At Balanced Plumbing, we know that a simple drain clean up can quickly balloon into a major plumbing job. You will know everything we’re doing and why, and you’ll be given an accurate estimate of any additional work that may be required to ensure your drains stay clear for a good long time to come.

We can handle drains and sewer lines for homes and buildings of any size. Our expert technicians work with top of the line equipment to get the job done and make it last. Our services will take care of lavatory sinks, kitchen sinks, laundry lines, grease lines, floor sinks, mop sinks, urinals, main sewer lines that run from your home or business to the city main, and others. Call us and tell us about your clogged pipes. We have a solution!