Sump Pumps

We provide the best sump pumps for rainwater and stormwater systems, and we can repair existing systems

Balanced Plumbing selects sump pump systems because of their excellent performance in rain and stormwater, which helps keep your structure dry, safe, and sound.

Although it may seem costly at first, a good sump pump can actually help save you money in the years ahead. That’s because it helps to prevent water damage by removing any extra water away from the home. Flooding, whether it’s in the basement or on the first floor, can lead to expensive damage to a home.

We recommend choosing a submersible pump over a pedestal pump if your sump basin has the space. Submersible pumps allow the sump pit to be covered with a lid, reducing pump noise and stopping debris from falling into the pit. An airtight lid also helps keep moist air from being released into your home.

  • To minimize the chance of clogs, the pump should have a no-screen intake design coupled with an impeller (a rotor used to increase the pressure and flow of water) that can handle solids up to ½-inch in diameter.
  • Buy a pump with a cast iron core, not one made of plastic. Cast iron helps to dissipate heat to the surrounding water, lengthening the life of the pump.
  • The switch should be mechanical, not a pressure switch, and the float should be solid so it can’t become waterlogged, fail to switch off, and burn out the pump.
  • Look for one with an alarm to alert you when the water reaches a certain level.

Secondary and Battery Backup Sump Pumps

A secondary pump installed right next to the first is a good idea too, especially if you live in a flood risk area, and your basement has been converted to living space or if you store valuables there. If your primary pump fails or is overwhelmed, the back-up pump automatically takes over.

For extra insurance, a battery backup pump can also be installed. When the power goes out, as it often does in a storm, the battery-powered pump can continue pumping for up to two days, depending upon the demand.


We also highly recommend that you call your insurance agent to find out what your policy actually covers and get the rider for sump pumps if you don’t already have it. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was established in 1968 as a way to extend insurance coverage to communities since most private insurance companies don’t provide this. Click here for more information and to find out if the area that you live in is eligible for flood insurance.

Below are some examples of sump pumps we recommend for your home or office rain and stormwater system.

Ion StormPro, BA75i ¾ HP Sump Pump From Ion Products

Ion sump pumps show all the quality and dependability we expect from a sump pump. For customer satisfaction, we special order each Ion StormPro BA33i, BA55i and BA75i Series Sump Pump with heavy-duty vertical floats for added longevity and superior performance. Another perk we like about the Ion StormPro Series is its 3-year warranty.

NexPump Ai Extreme, Rage Battery Powered Backup System From NexPump

The Nexpump Ai Extreme, Rage, and Ai Extreme, Jet Battery Backup Systems are “NexGeneration” in sump pump technology and provide an added measure of protection to the primary sump pump. The Ai Rage holds a discharge rate of 107 GPM at 10 feet and is built with Internet and Wireless capabilities that send emails and make phone calls for disaster prevention. We recommend a NexPump Battery Backup for when your primary pump fails due to power failure, mechanical failure or independent discharge. NexPump Battery Backup Systems also help dewater subsoil in the event that the primary pump is not capable. Backup system notifications are optional.

Zoeller M-53, 3/10 HP Submersible Sump Pump, Vertical Switch Type, Polypropylene Base Material

A pump is essential for draining flooded basements, window wells, construction sites, and swimming pools. Screenless suction inlet lets pump be used in areas with light debris accumulation, where conventional sump pumps would clog or freeze up. Dependable, hermetically sealed motors help assure long service life. A convenient carrying handle lets you easily move the pump from site to site.

Storm Pro BA-33 iON 1/3 HP Cast Iron Stainless Steel Sump Pump w/ Adjustable Vertical Float HP20142

This StormPro sump pump has a first of a kind 115 or 230 volt standard plug-in receptacle, dual pump run and alternating controller for residential and commercial applications Ion sensors communicate with controller to provide controller based turn on level adjustment from 2.5″ to 72″ for optimal pump operation Track critical information through the panel based display, including switch failure; pump amp draw, water level and more.