Balanced Plumbing handles pipe repair for any kind of piping or tubing

We know a lot about pipe repair! At Balanced Plumbing, we install new pipes and fix old ones every day. But we don’t just throw a few pipes in, patch up a problem and leave. We work based upon careful planning for your immediate and long-term plumbing needs. Our craftsmen can fix a problem now while helping you to plan for the future. We’ll give you careful recommendations and helpful advice so that you can determine your best course of action. Our goal is to give you an efficient and cost effective plumbing system for your home or business. You’ll save money in the long run and be pleased with the results.

We repair any kind of pipe or tubing that may be considered “pipe.” In the strictest sense of the word, pipe refers to a tube with adequate wall thickness (Schedule40 or greater) to accept nominal pipe thread. Pipes serve for many different uses in your business or home. They may be for air, water, gas, plumbing vent, waste or acid waste. Pipes are made of different materials that include, but are not limited to, copper, galvanized, black steel, brass, cpvc, pex, pvc, sdr-26, cast iron, and clay. Contact us today to see if our piping solutions can be of service to you or your business!